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BootCamp Yacht Sponsor


A Yacht Sponsor for each of the two scheduled yachting (Power or Sail) events during the 7 weeks of BootCamp.

BootCamp Yacht Sponsor
  • The first event will be an overnight trip to Catalina Island where the seven entrepreneurs will be staying at the Catalina Canyon Resort & Spa and treated to their Day Spa. 
  • The second event will be a day trip to explore the Channel Islands just west of Los Angeles.
  • If one company Sponsors both events, they would be featured twice with a two part in depth interview showcased on the Yacht during the event.
  • You provide either the yacht itself or pay for the cost of a charter for event. Our first choice would be an owner/operator of their own yacht charter business. If not, then your business must relate to the yachting industry such as a Charters, Architects, Builders, Painters, Interiors, Electronics, Engines, Marina, Yachting Resort.


BootCamp Yacht SponsorSponsorship Benefits you receive:
  • Your logo is featured as the Yacht Sponsor at the beginning of the video for the event and various clips from the event.
  • We highlight the features of your Yacht and/or business as you tell the story of how it all began.
  • The owner, one of the principals or a representative of your company will be interviewed on the yacht during the event, telling the story to all the participants of how your business got started.

Yacht Sponsor

  • You may present any Boot Camp participant with either a cash or product placement sponsorship. If you sponsor a participant, you will be showcased as one of their sponsors and be featured when their business is launched.
  • You will receive a copy of selected video clips and photos in order to use them in your own promotional strategies. Does not include the full-length episodes, but includes video clips from the episodes.


BootCamp Yacht SponsorWebsite Benefits (Permanent and Optional):
  • Your Start-Up Story video remains on our website forever.
  • Interaction with other members in our social network.


  • Your business, products and/or services must comply with our Policies.
  • Must be legally conducting business in the United States or Canada.