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BootCamp Restaurant Sponsor

BootCamp Restaurant SponsorOverview:

Restaurant Sponsors will host an event at their establishment for the 7 entrepreneurs of the BootCamp. Restaurant types and locations are listed under "Restaurant Locations" below. You provide a meal for each of our participants to be video taped and included in one of the episodes. You join us for the meal and tell your story of your start up. Our preference is a restaurant where the actual owner is available to tell their story. The cost of the sponsorship is simply you providing the meal in exchange for the media exposure. We are happy to provide a generous tip to your service staff.

Restaurant Types:

  • Elegant / Fine Dining in the evening.
  • Waterfront Dining, both fine and casual atmospheres.
  • Sunday Brunch Buffet style.
  • Open to a other similar events, help us get creative.

Restaurant Locations:

  • Elegant Dining: Within Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica area or Downtown LA.
  • Waterfront Restaurants: Anywhere from Santa Monica to Newport Beach, must overlook the water.
  • Casual Dining: Within Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica area or Downtown LA.
  • Sunday Brunch Buffet: Within Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica area or Downtown LA.


BootCamp Restaurant SponsorSponsorship Benefits you receive:
  • Your logo is featured as the Restaurant Sponsor at the beginning of the video for your event and various clips from the event.
  • We highlight the features of your Restaurant as you tell the story of how it all began.
  • The owner, one of the principals or a representative of your company will be interviewed at the beginning of the Restaurant event, telling the story to all the participants of how your business got started.
  • You may present any Boot Camp participant with either a cash or product placement sponsorship. If you sponsor a participant, you will be showcased as one of their sponsors and be featured when their business is launched.
  • You will receive a copy of selected video clips and photos in order to use them in your own promotional strategies. Does not include the full-length episodes, but includes video clips from the episodes.


BootCamp Restaurant SponsorWebsite Benefits (Permanent and Optional):
  • Your Start-Up Story video remains on our website forever.
  • Interaction with other members in our social network.


  • Your business, products and/or services must comply with our Policies.
  • Must be legally conducting business in the United States or Canada.