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BootCamp Product Placement

BootCamp Product PlacementOverview: 

Selected manufacturers, distributors or retailers with consumable or non-consumable products can showcase their products during the BootCamp by the participants and/or staff.

  • Water and Healthy Drinks
  • Healthy Packaged Snacks
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Pool Playtime Products
  • Product Launch? We can help
  • Digital Video Recorders for diaries
  • Laptop Computers
  • Printers, Copier / Fax Machine
  • Clothing - Sport & Dress up
  • Specialty Items - Tell us


BootCamp Product PlacementSponsorship Benefits you receive:
  • Logos can be placed on equipment and your product labels will be in view of cameras.
  • The participant may highlight the features of your product and express their gratitude on video.
  • You may present any Boot Camp participant with either a cash or product placement sponsorship. If you sponsor a participant, you will be showcased as one of their sponsors and be featured when their business is launched.
  • You will receive a copy of selected video clips and photos in order to use them in your own promotional strategies. Does not include the full-length episodes, but includes video clips from the episodes.


BootCamp Product PlacementWebsite Benefits (Permanent and Optional):
  • Your Start-Up Story video remains on our website forever.
  • Interaction with other members in our social network.


  • Your business, products and/or services must comply with our Policies.
  • Must be legally conducting business in the United States or Canada.