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BootCamp House Sponsor


BootCamp House SponsorOne House Sponsor for the entire 7 week period will be showcased and participate in various events and activities at the house during the entire BootCamp.  They also receive the FreshPeek "Prosperity for All" Award for their generosity during the Opening Ceremony.   The cost for the 7 week period is $70,000. Your business must relate to Real Estate such as a Broker, Developer, Construction company, General Contractor, Architect, Interior Design, Furniture, Remodeling, Pools, Painter and the like. If you have any questions regarding your industry, feel free to contact us.


BootCamp House SponsorSponsorship Benefits you receive:
  • Your selected charity will be on the receiving end of a fund raiser planned and hosted by the seven participants in the BootCamp.
  • The owner or a representative of your company must be able to appear as the guest of honor for one our our weekly Sponsorship Dinners in Los Angels, CA where you tell your Start-Up Story to the seven participants.
  • Your logo will be strategically placed within the mansion.
  • You or a representative(s) may participate in selected Special Events that take place at the mansion, making you an integral part of the interaction with participants and viewers.
  • You are free to visit the Boot Camp mansion during scheduled times and participate in helping the participants achieve their goals which will all be captured on video.
  • You may present any Boot Camp participant with either a cash or product placement sponsorship. If you sponsor a participant, you will be showcased as one of their sponsors and be featured when their business is launched.
  • Each Boot Camp participant will have postings of their own video blogs on various places on the internet such as YouTube, myspace and the like. You logo is displayed at the beginning of each, achieving an exposure of over hundreds of thousands.
  • You will receive a copy of selected video clips and photos in order to use them in your own promotional strategies. Does not include the full-length episodes, but includes video clips from the episodes.
  • We will arrange through our publicist (as best as possible) 3rd party interviews with television, radio and print that will highlight your involvement with the FreshPeek BootCamp.
  • Our publicist will be arranging for post production exposure on national television, showcasing the Boot Camp and when appropriate, we will give a special thanks to our House Sponsor.


BootCamp House SponsorWebsite Benefits (Permanent and Optional):
  • Your Start-Up Story video remains on our website forever.
  • A permanent customized web page on our site reflecting your branding.
  • You are allowed to display your products and/or services on your web page.
  • Interaction with other members in our social network.


  • Your business, products and/or services must comply with our Policies.
  • Must be legally conducting business in the United States or Canada.