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BootCamp Applicant Sponsor

Sponsor a FreshPeek BootCamp ApplicantTo demonstrate leadership abilities, each "BootCamp Participant" must be sponsored into the BootCamp by a qualified business who will donate between $5,000 to $10,000.  Their donation will help pay the personal expenses of the Applicant during the 7 weeks of BootCamp. 


Therefore, "BootCamp Applicant Sponsors" receive high honors as they join their applicant at both the Opening and Graduation Ceremonies and receive the FreshPeek "Prosperity for All" Award for their generosity.  If the Sponsor cannot be present at those times, they will still be honored at the ceremonies.  In addition, they will tell their Start-up Story on video and your BootCamp Participant will be speaking about you with gratidue during their personal video diaries.


Once a company agrees to sponsor a BootCamp Applicant, they fill out and mail in the signed "Sponsorship Letter of Intent" given to them by the Applicant.  These Sponsors pay only when their BootCamp Applicant is selected as one of the Final 7 to enter the BootCamp.  This is not a legally binding financial commitment but simply a letter indicating a company's intention of sponsoring an Applicant into the BootCamp and subsequently participate in both the Opening and Graduation Ceremonies (if possible) and submitting a Start-Up Story Video to be displaying in their profile on our website.  These sponsors also receive a custom web page on our site.


Sponsorship Benefits you receive:
  • You may join your Participant at both the Opening and Graduation Ceremonies as they express their gratitude towards you.
  • You will receive a copy of selected video clips and photos in order to use them in your own promotional strategies. Does not include the full-length episodes, but includes video clips from the episodes.


Website Benefits (Permanent and Optional):
  • Your Start-Up Story video remains on our website forever.
  • A permanent customized web page on our site reflecting your branding. Interactive functionality tailored to your specific needs will be programmed to provide you a venue to engage our viewers on a level that interests them.
  • Interaction with other members in our social network.


  • Your business, products and/or services must comply with our Policies.
  • Must be legally conducting business in the United States or Canada.