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Sponsorship Overview

Sponsors - We want to Share Your Story with the World!

FreshPeek Sponsor Start-Up StoriesInspire us with your Start-Up Story while creating a bond with your viewers at a very fundamental level. Take a fresh peek into progressive sponsorship programs that integrate you into our venues and enable you to engage your potential customers in ways that move way beyond traditional methods.


Being a FreshPeek Sponsor means you have a permanent place on our website and your start-up story remains in our inspiring "Sponsor Hall of Fame" video collection for all to view.  Your benefits will continue over the years.


Because your generosity of sponsorship enables other entrepreneurs and their businesses to be launched, you deserve the highest amount of exposure possible for your own venture.  Simply put, thank you and in return you will find the permanent integration within FreshPeek to continue to give you a return on your investment year after year.


Whatever sponsorship level meets your needs, your dollar could not be stretched any further. Review the specifics of the different levels of sponsorship and you will clearly see the benefits. People will take a FreshPeek at the person behind your business and establish a connection with you because they know your story.


  • FreshPeek BootCamp is 7 weeks, each week having hours of free videos that remain on our website forever.
  • Our commitment to all sponsors is to increase your own sales and branding.
  • Sponsorship Levels allow as many to participate as possible, opening the door to sponsoring FreshPeek itself in various ways or an individual Boot Camp participant.
  • Sponsors are an integral part of our marketing strategy and integrated into our website through different venues. We take you far beyond advertising and into the realm of engaging our viewers.
  • We prefer sponsors with a startup story that can be video taped and aired on our site forever, inspiring others to succeed and creating that personal link to your business.
  • Holding a high standard for sponsorship, any company or organization may apply, but not all may be appropriate within the FreshPeek venue.
  • Sponsors must comply with our policies and be legally conducting business in the United States or Canada in order to be considered.