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BootCamp Reality Show Overview

FreshPeek BootCampUsing the FreshPeek Philosophy as our driving force, the BootCamp Reality Show will film and document the process of transforming 7 entrepreneurs over a 7 week period into successful business owners while they work closely with our team of business experts to develop, fund and launch each of their businesses.


The BootCamp Reality Show will be aired on the internet in "same day edit" and offered for free viewing to the world.  We want to get as close as possible to "Real Time" and the true events as they happen so everyone can follow along with the progress as it unfolds.  This will also include the vast collection of associated videos such as the participant's daily "Video Diary", events, fundraisers, personal transformation sessions and random footage. 


Living together (in their own rooms) in a mansion in Los Angeles with the goal of “Prosperity for All” before them, they become teammates rather than competitors.  They help each other overcome and face many obstacles, both outside and from within.  For when two go walking and one falls down, the other can help them up but a strand of seven chords is not easily broken.  Their potential to become a life-long powerful unit that continues to positively influence mankind is the hope of FreshPeek for each BootCamp season.


Our BootCamp Sponsors are wonderful and an integral part of FreshPeek.  Not only have they gone before us and voluntarily share their valuable experiences, but their financial giving helps support different aspects of the BootCamp as well.  And so, with gratitude in the heart, they will receive tremendous exposure, tell their Start-Up Stories, receive a customized web page on our site and participate in various events of the BootCamp.  And for our "Production Sponsors", the BootCamp entrepreneurs will develop and host fundraisers in honor of the charities they select.  Truly "Prosperity for All".


And of course, we want to hear directly from the entrepreneurs, what are they thinking and the changes they are experiencing.  So each of them will be recording and posting a daily video diary in real time, speaking from their hearts about what they are experiencing. This will be some of our best and most cherished footage. The world will be able to follow along as they progress, encourage them by posting comments on their profiles, interact with them and hopefully, there will be at least one participant that everyone can relate to and bond with.


Prosperity also includes health, well-being and the ability to enjoy life as it is being played out.  So, the BootCamp will be filled with all kinds of events and situations that will give us all the enjoyment we seek.  We frame the rigors of life properly when we surround them not only with accomplishment but with fun and laughter with the ones we care for.


On Graduation Night of the BootCamp, there will be a huge blowout event to celebrate and launch the seven businesses, with a special grand prize for each entrepreneur... An offer to partner with either FreshPeek or one of our trusted investors, providing millions of dollars of financing.  This is all to show the world how everyone can prosper?

During the BootCamp, entrepreneurs will also engage in personal development programs designed to quickly prepare them for their new life ahead.  

  • Meditation: The ability to still the mind and touch a deeper side of ourselves opens the door for tremendous intuition that is in harmony with the good of mankind.  Maintaining this peace as our entrepreneurs walk amidst the noise, haste and stress will enable them to continue walking the way of the "Peaceful Entrepreneur" and thus influencing their employees in a positive way. There will be available an instructional DVD series showing different techniques someone can use to meditate. The audience will be able to watch the different contestants go through this process.
  • Yoga: Physical exercise helps create well being, builds stamina and dissolves stress.  The most beneficial ones include stretching the muscles along with a spiritual overtone, so we've chosen Yoga to accomplish this and will show the effect it has on each of them over the seven weeks of BootCamp. There will be available an instructional DVD series for each Yoga session during the BootCamp with a follow up explaining the different moves and how it benefits to the body.
  • Nutrition and Diet: What goes in affects our brain.  For the seven weeks, the household meals will consist of nutritionally supportive foods prepared by professional chefs who will also be explaining how they are prepared and what effect the foods have on the human body.  Our hope is that this practice will continue after the BootCamp.  There will be an in-depth DVD series highlighting the preparation of each meal prepared during the BootCamp and explaining its nutritional benefits.
  • Emotional and Mental Blocks: We all have them to one degree or another yet they are the most difficult part of ourselves to discover.  Professionals in this arena will assist each entrepreneur through the process of finding and clearing anything that may hinder their goals.
  • Image Makeover: Mostly, this is for enjoyment and helping each entrepreneur wear their own personal image well. We simply want to help each of them to become who they are on the outside as well as within.

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