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BootCamp Applicant Overview

To be Eligible for the Upcoming BootCamp, Follow these Steps:
  1. Join as a "BootCamp Reality Show Applicant":
    This entitles you to be eligible for each upcoming BootCamp season until you are selected.  Both "For-Profit" and "Non-Profit" ventures that follow our Content Policies qualify.  Contact Us if you are unsure if you business qualifies.
  2. Complete your Profile:
    Upload your "BootCamp Applicant Video" and fill out the "Business Summary" (Do not divulge any proprietary or secret information).  Your profile is within a social media network that allows you to interface with Facebook and display Twitter updates.   Continue adding pictures and videos as you go, it strengthens your profile and enables the world to get to know you and hopefully be swayed to vote for you venture.
  3. Begin Obtaining Votes:
    Share your profile with your family, friends, business acquaintances and other social networks.  You are free to promote yourself in a respectable manner, remembering that spamming is uncool and will work against you in the selection process.
  4. Submit your Business Plan or Idea:
    We will review and and provide you with feedback.  You retain 100% rights, all information is held strictly confidential and not made public.  The only information the public will have about your business is what you choose to tell them within your profile.  Caution: Do not divulge any proprietary or secret information about your business on your profile.
  5. BootCamp Applicant Membership Packet:
    Within two weeks of registration, you will receive your "BootCamp Applicant Membership Packet" in the mail (See below for contents).  The contents will enable you to go out into the real world and begin rallying people to your cause.
  6. Find your Sponsor:
    To demonstrate leadership abilities, each participant must be sponsored into the BootCamp by a qualified business that will donate between $5,000 to $10,000.  Their donation will help pay your personal expenses while you're in the BootCamp for 7 weeks, therefore, they will join you at the Graduation Ceremony along with telling their Start-up Story on video.  In your packet will be full page color customized Sponsorship flyers that are designed to attract sponsors to the tremendous benefits they will receive through FreshPeek (Learn More).  Once a company agrees to sponsor you, you mail in the signed "Sponsorship Letter of Intent".  Sponsors pay only when you enter the BootCamp.  There are millions of businesses spending advertizing dollars already, so using the FreshPeek venue allows them to not only receive great results, but provide prosperity for another entrepreneur at the same time.  It should be easy for you to secure just one because you are relying upon FreshPeek for the advertizing value.


BootCamp Applicant Membership Packet Includes:
  • 20 Full page color "Sponsorship Flyers" - Provides potential businesses with all the FreshPeek Sponsorship benefits they need to sponsor you into the BootCamp.  You are free to copy and distribute as many copies as you like.
  • 20 Full page color "Profile Flyers" - Displaying your Name, FreshPeek Profile Link and Business Summary, these flyers are designed attract people to your online profile and cast a vote for you.  Feel free to hand these out and/or post on community boards or the like.  You are free to copy and distribute as many copies as you like.
  • Sponsorship Letter of Intent - A letter, signed by your "BootCamp Applicant Sponsor" stating their intent to sponsor you into the BootCamp and participate in telling their start-up story on video and joining you on stage for Graduation Night.
  • How to Promote your BootCamp Applicant Profile Outline - Great ideas on how to get your idea and FreshPeek profile in front of others in order to grow your popularity as a BootCamp Applicant, obtain more votes and simply create the buzz around yourself that increase your changes of success.


BootCamp Applicant Membership Includes:
  • A FreshPeek Profile highlighting you as a BootCamp Applicant.  This profile contains a video and summary of yourself and your business idea for people to view.
  • FreshPeek features and promotes you on our front page and other pages on the site.
  • Obtain votes and gain popularity through your profile.
  • Your profile is also a social network profile that enables you to interact with other members and connect to your Facebook account.
  • Submit your business idea/plan for confidential review, you retain full rights.
  • Select whether you want our Partnership Investors to be able to review your business plan and possibly invest in your idea. (In development)


Business Requirements:
  • Both For-Profit & Non-Profit ventures are eligible for the BootCamp.
  • Must be a US or Canadian based business.
  • Any phase of Business Development is Eligible: The Idea Phase; Business Plan Phase; Initial Start-Up Phase; Existing Business requiring Restructuring; Businesses looking to Expand or take their Company Public.


Legal and Medical Requirements:
  • Must be at least 18 years old, a legal resident of the United States or Canada, posses a valid driver's license and have no outstanding felony warrants.
  • If selected in the Top-20, applicants will need to submit proof of passing a recent physical by a valid certified physician.
  • All prescription medications must be approved by our physician prior to Final Selection.

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