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Spokesperson Audition Overview

Final selection of Season 1 Spokespersons no later than midnight February 28, 2012

SpokespersonWe will be selecting a new FreshPeek Spokesperson Team for each season of the BootCamp consisting of one man and one woman with a clear energy who reflect our core philosophy of “Prosperity for All”.  Both of them will be present "Full Time" during the 7 weeks of BootCamp and become an integral part of that season.  They will not only work together as a team but will also have individual tasks.  Remembering that our goal is to document everything on video in real time, they become the personalities guiding the audience as we transition from one event to another through the BootCamp.  The Spokesperson Team will become the face and voice of FreshPeek for their selected season.


To all who wish to Audition:

SpokespersonThis is a "Full Time Paid Position" for the duration of a BootCamp Season with approximately 2 months of both Pre-BootCamp and Post-BootCamp activities.


Not everyone will be as free and easy in front of a camera as you are, so your talent in that arena helps the entrepreneurs relax as you intuitively know how to draw out their true thoughts and feelings about their journey through the BootCamp.  Therefore, in order to connect with them, you will also be participating in the personal development programs along with them.


You will also participate in the creation of some of the Sponsor Start-Up Stories so the video will reflect a dialog rather than one person telling a long story.  From time to time, we will hold events that will allow BootCamp Applicants to be interviewed by you which will give them their Primary Applicant Video for their profile.


In between BootCamp seasons, you will continue to represent FreshPeek through a variety of venues and events.  We are currently considering whether we should pick a new team for each season or if to remain with the same team through the seasons.  More on that in the future.


Your FreshPeek profile should reflect the FreshPeek core philosophy of loving, giving and genuinely caring about the prosperity of others along with the ability to interview and engage people within the business arena.


The first level of audition will strictly be from our reviewing your FreshPeek Profile and video.  The type of response you receive from viewers, such as how many vote for you will also play a large part in the decision process.  Our next step will be a short phone discussion and upon serious consideration, we will arrange face to face auditions in Los Angeles, CA.


Upon final selected, all Spokesperson profiles will be converted to Basic Free Memberships.

To be Considered for the FreshPeek Spokesperson position, Follow these Steps:
  1. Join FreshPeek as a "Spokesperson Audition" membership for Free:
    This entitles you to be considered for the FreshPeek Spokesperson position.
  2. Complete your Profile:
    Upload your "Primary Spokesperson Video" and fill out the "Spokesperson Summary" Your profile is within a social media network that allows you to interface with Facebook and display Twitter updates.   Continue adding pictures and videos as you go, it strengthens your profile and enables the world to get to know you and hopefully be swayed to vote for you venture.
  3. Begin Obtaining Votes:
    Share your profile with your family, friends, business acquaintances and other social networks.  You are free to promote yourself in a respectable manner, remembering that spamming is uncool and will work against you in the selection process.

Spokesperson Membership Includes:
  • Eligible to be selected as a spokesperson for FreshPeek.
  • Create a special Spokesperson Profile on FreshPeek.
  • Showcase your Primary Spokesperson Video on your profile.
  • Obtain votes and gain popularity through your FreshPeek profile.
  • Include unlimited videos on your profile.
  • Interact with other members.
  • Ability to vote for BootCamp Applicants.

Legal Requirements:
  • At least 21 and legally able to be employed within the USA.  Non-residents of the US must have a work visa or similar documentation.
  • No outstanding felony warrants.

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