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Audition Overview

In the spirit of "Prosperity for All", we will be auditioning each new FreshPeek BootCamp Season for the different positions listed below.


The first level of audition will be from our reviewing your FreshPeek Profile and video. The type of response you receive from viewers, such as how many have voted for you, will play a large part in the decision process. Our next step will be a short phone discussion and upon serious consideration, we will arrange face to face auditions in Los Angeles, CA.


Spokesperson Audition:

Spokesperson AuditionWe will be selecting a new FreshPeek Spokesperson Team for each season of the BootCamp consisting of one man and one woman with a clear energy who reflect our core philosophy of “Prosperity for All”.  Both of them will be present "Full Time" during the 7 weeks of BootCamp and become an integral part of that season.  They will not only work together as a team but will also have individual tasks.


Remembering that our goal is to document everything on video in real time, they become the personalities guiding the audience as we transition from one event to another through the BootCamp.  The Spokesperson Team will become the face and voice of FreshPeek for their selected season.

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Fitness Audition:

Fitness AuditionWe will be selecting a new a Fitness Guru for each season of the BootCamp to develop and implement a 7 week fitness program to be taught to the 7 entrepreneurs during the BootCamp.  We are open to a wide variety of various types of fitness styles.


Not only will you train the entrepreneurs, but we will produce a 13 episode fitness show that will be offered the Networks as a pilot season for your own personal fitness program.  We hope to launch your career at the same time as the other entrepreneurs.

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